Entrusting your photos and memories to someone else is personal, so let me tell you about me. While I’m not a professional photographer, I have taken photos all my life, beginning with my Brownie box camera.

Taking photos is fun, but even more fun for me is playing with them afterwards: blending them to tell a story, creating photo books and collages, making silly birthday cards...

I’ve been in the art business since 1980, as a gallery owner and as the editor/publisher of two publications with accompanying websites dealing with limited edition art. One is a wholesale publication and the other a retail magazine, which was published for 18 years. I am still managing the wholesale publication and both websites.

During the 18 years of "InformArt Magazine" I wrote stories, edited stories submitted by my writers, and did the graphic layout for every issue. In addition, I’ve created catalogs for art shows ("New York Creative", "Blossom ~ Art of Flowers", "Blossom II ~ Art of Flowers") and have worked on several books including editing "My Brush With History" by Everett Raymond Kinstler.
Currently I’m working with two artists on their “career-to-date” books,
Michael Shane Neal and Marc Mellon.

In addition to this professional work, I’ve created many books, collages, calendars, and cards for our sprawling family. Loving this creative adventure led me to Flaunt Your Photos. If you would like help telling your story in an imaginative and interesting way, please do contact me. I promise it will be fun for both of us.























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