Photo Selection

Selecting the best photos is the key to making your story compelling.
It's like cooking, the best ingredients make the best dish.

Questions to ask before adding a photo to your "yes" pile:

  • Does it add to my story better than similar shots
  • Is it artistically pleasing and interesting
  • Can it be cropped to make it more pleasing or interesting
  • Is the color good (I can usually enhance the color)
  • Is it in focus (sometimes what the photo says is more important than being perfectly in focus)
  • Will it print well (because it looks good on the screen does NOT always mean it will print well)

If you are comfortable making these choices, wonderful. If not, I can help you.
Consultation fees are based on the number of photos in your "maybe" pile.


Number of Photos Price
Up to 100 photos $100
Up to 500 photos $400
Up to 1000 photos $650
Less than 100 or
More than 1000 photos
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